Electrical Contractor Has Near Death Experience and Chooses to “Do Good”

A Sacramento electrical contractor has turned his life around based on a near-death experience. A few months back, he saw his Mom when his Car veered off the road and ran into a ditch. The hazy weather condition made it difficult to get help as he lay unconscious in his Car. He was in Coma but had a fantastic experience, which made him conclude that life gave him a second chance. A few minutes after the accident, everything looked dark around him, and it was as if he was in a big black hole. He could hear faint voices from a distance but could not decipher what they were saying.

Picture that says be the change you want to see in this worldAs he spent time in that place, it was as if specific individuals were walking towards him. He realized that everyone that approached him was looking like ghosts. While he was trying to make out what had transpired, he felt a hand grab him and pull him out of the black hole. There was light, peace, and joy in this new place. He felt as if something was breathing life into him. When he got out of Coma, he saw himself in a hospital bed. His broken bones and jaw meant that he would have to spend four months in rehabilitation before walking again. The moments he lay on the bed allowed him to reminisce and wonder what the true essence of life is. He shared his story with every electrical contractor Sacramento business owner, who paid him a hospital visit.

Based on the encouragement and kind words that he received, he knew that he had to live for a more significant cause. He began to ponder what to do once he leaves the hospital, and a friend suggested that he got involved through ministries in reaching out to others. The electrical contractor agreed because he saw his full engagement in local ministries and activities for kids to show gratitude and appreciate the unique beauty of life. He encouraged other Sacramento electrical contractors to do more to bring joy, hope, and laughter to the hearts of those going through a trying time.

Picture of a community project funded by Sacraemnto Electrical ContractorsAfter he was released from the hospital, his first mission was to visit a ministry that takes care of the elderly. He volunteered his skills by helping them fix every electrical fault at no cost. This electrical contractor dedicated his weekends to reach out to the homes of people that had electrical issues but did not have enough money to fix it. The fulfillment he found from helping others made some of his friends begin volunteering to serve in various charities on weekends. When a local radio station interviewed this electrical contractor, he said that he was deeply grateful that he was given a second chance to return to society. This man said that no one would truly appreciate life until you get to a place where you discover that the only reason for living is to help others.

This electrical contractor became active with kids and helped them find out what they will love to pursue as a career. Among the many things he shared, he told the kids that they must look for ways to help those around them. He stated that his experience showed him that you can have all the world’s money and not be fulfilled. This contractor has traveled around the country to spread hope and help people look beyond themselves.

During a recent award organized by the Mayor, he was recognized for his outstanding service to the community as well as Sacramento State University. When he received the award, he said that he could not believe that he would be rewarded for his good deeds. He mentioned that everything he was doing was a sense of duty both to God and humanity. He promised that he would keep doing more to touch lives and put a smile on the faces of people. The Mayor used the opportunity to challenge businesses to work in line with the vision of bringing positive change to their community.…

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