Tips for Emergency Plumbing

There’s no need to worry when a plumbing issue pops up. Whether it’s a stuck pipe, a damaged tube, a rusty drain, or a tank. Here are some of the tips for emergency plumbing:

  1. Be ready – Secure everything off the ground where possible in your basement. If a water leak and destroys your basement, it will minimize the impact, and you will not lose any property. Make sure that you are aware of how and where to switch off the water when needed. Notice also the place of the main supply closed-off switch in your property. Before you even have a plumbing emergency, store up with necessary plumbing supplies in advance.
  2. Eliminate the blockage – When there’s a minor problem that can be found, don’t wait to expand the clog and trigger more severe issues.
  3. Check out the Pipes – Some pipes may fail due to age and breakage or due to subzero temperatures. Pipes may also tear or explode in winter due to water in them freezing. Inspect for openings, scratches, or pipe cuts. For example, by merely covering the pipe with electrical or duct tape, a pinhole can be patched, and a hairline crack can be repaired with a pipe clamp.

For a significant plumbing issue, you may consider calling in a professional plumber.